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Installation methods[edit]

Online install script[edit]

Execute the following command in the system console as root.

curl -fsSL -o

Basic deployment[edit]

This is the standard deployment strategy using Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian "Stretch". Uses Redis as a message queue. This setup uses less memory but the task queue is volatile and lost in the case of a restart.

=> Installation instructions

Advanced deployment[edit]

The standard deployment strategy using Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian "Stretch". Uses RabbitMQ as a message queue. RabbitMQ consumes more memory but scales to thousands of messages and is persistent and retained in the case of a restart.

=> Installation instructions

Arch Linux installation[edit]

Arch Linux installation.

=> Installation instructions

Docker compose installation[edit]

Docker compose installation. This setup creates four containers:

  • One for Mayan EDMS
  • One for Redis to be used as data medium between workers and the frontend
  • One for RabbitMQ to be used as a message broker between the frontend and the workers
  • One for PostgreSQL to be used as the database.

Four volumes will also be created to store the files of each container.

=> Installation instructions

FreeNAS jail deployment[edit]

Run Mayan EDMS from within a FreeBSD jail on a FreeNAS machine. Instructions include steps for creating a discrete storage dataset and should also work for FreeBSD in general. The guide is written using FreeNAS 11.2 and iocage jails.

=> Installation instructions

OpenBSD installation[edit]

Installation for OpenBSD 6.3.

=> OpenBSD installation

Docker Installation on a Synology DiskStation[edit]

  • Installation Script - Installation Script used for deploying Mayan EDMS via Docker on a Synology DiskStation.
  • Upgrade Script - Used for upgrading an existing Docker-based deployment of Mayan EDMS on a Synology DiskStation.

Docker image information[edit]

  • Docker image - Information on deploying, configuring and customizing the Docker image.