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Installation methods

Online install script

Execute the following command in the system console as root.

curl -fsSL -o

Basic deployment

This is the standard deployment strategy using Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian "Stretch". Uses Redis as a message queue. This setup uses less memory but the task queue is volatile and lost in the case of a restart.

=> Installation instructions

Advanced deployment

The standard deployment strategy using Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian "Stretch". Uses RabbitMQ as a message queue. RabbitMQ consumes more memory but scales to thousands of messages and is persistent and retained in the case of a restart.

=> Installation instructions

Arch Linux installation

Arch Linux installation.

=> Installation instructions

Docker compose installation

Docker compose installation. This setup creates four containers:

  • One for Mayan EDMS
  • One for Redis to be used as data medium between workers and the frontend
  • One for RabbitMQ to be used as a message broker between the frontend and the workers
  • One for PostgreSQL to be used as the database.

Four volumes will also be created to store the files of each container.

=> Installation instructions

FreeNAS jail deployment

Run Mayan EDMS from within a FreeBSD jail on a FreeNAS machine. Instructions include steps for creating a discrete storage dataset and should also work for FreeBSD in general. The guide is written using FreeNAS 11.2 and iocage jails.

=> Installation instructions

OpenBSD installation

Installation for OpenBSD 6.3.

=> OpenBSD installation

Docker Installation on a Synology DiskStation

  • Installation Script - Installation Script used for deploying Mayan EDMS via Docker on a Synology DiskStation.
  • Upgrade Script - Used for upgrading an existing Docker-based deployment of Mayan EDMS on a Synology DiskStation.

Docker image information

  • Docker image - Information on deploying, configuring and customizing the Docker image.



Pending work

Ongoing task that need to be completed. Improvements to existing features or code

Planned features

New features being considered


HTTPS/SSL with Apache


Block diagram